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Initial consultations are one hour. Individual sessions are fifty minutes either once or twice per week depending on the need of the client. Couples, parenting or family sessions range from sixty to ninety minutes based on individual circumstances. Couples or parenting sessions are initially done on a weekly basis and in some cases shift to bi-monthly meetings. Parents of adolescents meet with me for one to two initial consultations and then come for follow up sessions on an as-needed basis. 



Rates are available upon request, are based on the length of the session, and are paid at the time of the session. A receipt of payment is given at the end of each session. There is a twenty four hour cancellation policy. 



I am not a provider for any insurance plans but will complete any necessary paperwork for you to submit a claim for out of network benefits. I recommend that prospective clients contact their insurance provider to learn about deductibles and out of network outpatient psychotherapy benefits.


If you are in need of a medication consultation, I will provide you with a referral to one of a number of well- respected psychiatrists with whom I collaborate. If you are currently taking psychiatric medication, I will ask you to sign a release of information so that I can work closely with your psychiatrist.

Practice Policies 

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