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Adolescent Therapy

Teenage clients most often come to see me when they are needing help to cope with a variety of challenges including anxiety, depression, academic and/or social problems, family conflict, body image, eating disorders, sexual orientation, gender identity or other adjustment difficulties. Over the past twenty years, I have been fortunate to build strong connections with my young clients so that many of them return to see me years later at times of need or to check in. My approach with teens is both collaborative and straightforward. I believe that adolescents need to feel a genuine sense of mutual respect and partnership to make therapy work.    


I am readily available to partner with parents in addressing concerns about their adolescent children. Parent teen sessions are integrated into therapy when they are determined to be helpful. When I ask my teenage clients what makes the process work for them, they report that they feel I am able to relate to them and they appreciate having an adult they can trust and count on to understand them and help them work on the things they feel are not working in their lives.


My work with teens comes from a developmental perspective and is attachment oriented in theory and practice. I view the therapeutic process with teens as related to the challenges specific to this stage of life, particularly the aspect of separating and individuating.    

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