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Couples Therapy

Couples most often seek therapy when they have grown distant, are in conflict, are unsure of how to reconnect or hope to improve their communication.  I work with couples to help them regain the closeness or intimacy they once had or longed for in their lives.  My work is guided by training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a research validated method for working with couples, which focuses on helping couples develop strategies for listening to, understanding and responding to each other in ways that help them reconnect. EFT is rooted in Attachment Theory which is fundamental to the way I think about what motivates people to behave the way they do in relationships.


Early on in therapy, I take a comprehensive history in order to gain an understanding of how each partner's family history and other major life events has impacted them individually and as a couple.  I actively engage with my clients in helping them identify their personal strengths and those they have built as a couple to assist them in moving toward a more satisfying relationship.  It is essential that couples who want to make meaningful and lasting changes in their relationship commit to practicing and implementing the skills they are building in the therapy sessions at home between sessions.  I often give couples "homework" assignments to reinforce and solidify the new skills they are developing in treatment.

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